Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Director Torill Kove on The Danish Poet

animated-views.com has an interview with director Torill Kove on The Danish Poet.

Animated Views: When did you first decide that you wanted a career in animation?

Torill Kove: I don’t really think that I had the wherewithal to decide that it was going to be a career. I think that I just kind of started learning how to do animation. It was in ’94 or ’93, maybe. Might have been in ’93. I was just drawn to it, because it’s a nice combination of storytelling and drawing that appealed to me.

AV: How did you become involved with the National Film Board of Canada?

TK: I was taking a course at the animation school at the Concordia University in Montréal. A lot of people who teach there often also make films for the Film Board. So I met a couple of directors, in the animation school. When I had finished my first year of animation, there was somebody at the Film Board who needed an assistant on his film. He needed a tracer, basically, for a 3-4 year contract at the Film Board. So I got that job. When I finished that one, there were other assistant jobs that came up. Then, I wrote a script, pitched it and got to make a couple of films.

AV: How long did it take to create The Danish Poet?