Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Face Robot Installed for Zemeckis Performance Course

The USC School of Cinematic Arts has installed SOFTIMAGE|FACE ROBOT, its facial animation software, for use in a new performance capture graduate course for 12 students, co-instructed by Robert Zemeckis (THE PLOAR EXPRESS, MONSTER HOUSE, BEOWULF).

Students in the Performance Capture class will write the material and direct actors in a short scene relying on motion and performance capture techniques. Using the Vicon MX motion capture system with 16 cameras, motion capture intermediate software and SOFTIMAGE|FACE ROBOT facial animation software, Zemeckis and USC co-instructor Eric Furie will guide students through the process of creating the two-minute sequence. Building on characters generated by Darwin Dimensions' Evolver program, students will cut and edit the rendered video on Avid Media Composer software.

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