Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Gough Talks Mummy 3

Oh no.... That kid was so annoying, but still not as annoying as the one from Zorro 2... Read on:

He also confirmed that Alex O'Connell, the smart-alecky son of protagonists Rick and Evy introduced in The Mummy Returns, will be in Mummy 3 as "a young adult."

Gough revealed that he and Millar turned the project down three times before agreeing to write it. "They had an idea for a third Mummy movie that we always wanted to do as a movie. We said, 'If we don't do it, they'll do it and it will be gone' and we came up with a good family story. With a sequel, it's always about, 'What is it's reason to be?' With this one, there is still a story to tell about the family, about Alex the son, Rachel and Brendan."

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