Friday, February 23, 2007

More Anibator stories


One of the biggest lies about disney feature animation that have been written about in the media is how the disney animators had been "retrained" for the new technology. It puts a great face on things and supports the notion that the computer is only a tool. The truth is that when i think of all the employees that I worked with when I was an artist there, I can only think of about 20 people I know that are still there. People were given a phony chance to retrain and prove themselves- if they did so, they were given the impression that they would simply be animators using another tool. The established cgi supervisors in place(most of who cam from extremely low-end animation backgrounds) were put in charge to train and review the traditonal artists who were successfully doing great cgi tests on their own time. This fox in the henhouse scenario played out just as you would imagine. countless artists who created iconic works loved the world over were falsely branded as "not being able to get the new technology by these cgi "sups" in charge and were tossed out on there ass- some after 25 years of service. This was underplayed and lied about in the media over and over. a small few tradional artists were allowed to stay and make the transition. a few had to be spared to make the numbers look better. Part of the reason the animation in chicken little and meet robinsons looks so terrible is because they are being animated by mediocre 2d artists who got into computers because they couldn't draw well,ex video game animators, and many others with even lesser background. all i am saying is that your rant about how dubious the backgounds are of development execs, the same thing has filtered down to the animators themselves- most notably at disney feature animation- the place where the besy animators in the world used to be. like i said, a few good artists kissed ass and kept their mouths shut about this to stay on board- but the number is very few in an organization that boasted the greatest artists in the world. Now they are filled with people who can use maya to a degree, but wouldn't have made it past portfolio review to be a trainee a few years ago.