Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Pixar On-line library

This is really sweet for nerds and techie heads. I love that stuff, even though I have no idea what's going on. has Siggraph papers and technical demos of various topics like:

- Interactive Depth of Field
- Interactive Spacetime Constraints: Wiggly Splines
- Stochastic Pruning
- Lpics: a Hybrid Hardware-Accelerated Relighting Engine for Computer Cinematography


I really like the interactive depth of field and lighting. I'm all for having your shots looking like the final result as soon as possible. Especially lighting is sweet, because sometimes you animate for days and then you see the render and a huge shadow is covering half of your creature. Ok, maybe not that bad, but you know what I mean.

There is also a really cool paper about the "Dinosaur Input Device", which let's stop-motion animator do their magic using a physical skeleton, which is connected to a computer. So you animate a real armature, but the results are seen on the computer.

The first publication is dated January 1982 with "A Reflectance Model for Computer Graphics" and the current one is from September 2006 "Ray Tracing for the Movie "Cars"".

I whish that these type of things would end up on collector editions of Pixar DVDs. Monster's Inc. and the Toy Story Box Set had lots of behind-the-scenes material on it, but I feel like the newer the DVDs, the fewer the extras. On my flight from Switerland to the States last year the in-flight channels featured a making-of of The Incredibles, which was sadly not on the DVD. I know that the general public couldn't care less (even DVD enthusiasts rarely listen to commentaries), but isn't that why there is the Joe Schmoe version and the collector's edition?

The S.E.s of James Cameron or Ridley Scott movies are really cool, lots of material on it. I hope that the HD DVDs will have more of that stuff on it since there is more space on the discs. But first I'm waiting until either Bluray or HD-DVD dies.