Friday, March 30, 2007

Interview - Paul Verhoeven has an exclusive interview with Paul Vehoeven.

Ever since making his American debut with RoboCop twenty years ago, Dutch director Paul Verhoeven has become reknowned for his wild, sensationalistic Hollywood films full of sex and violence, the best (and worst) examples of the former being 1992's Basic Instinct and 1995's Showgirls. It's been over six years since Verhoeven's last film Hollow Man and in that time, two of his movies had direct-to-video sequels without his involvement--a third probably should have been released direct-to-video.

In some ways, Verhoeven's latest film Black Book is a return to the basics of his 1978 WWII film Soldier of Orange as it examines the Dutch Resistance during the German occupation of Holland with charismatic Dutch actress Carice van Houten at the center of the story about a Jewish singer who literally gets into bed with the Nazis to survive. One of the German officers she beds, played by Sebastian Koch of the Oscar-winning The Lives of Others, ends up helping the Resistance as the war came to an end. spoke to the visionary Dutch filmmaker during a brief visit to New York City where Black Book was being shown as part of the Lincoln Center Film Society's "Film Comment Selects" program


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