Saturday, March 31, 2007

"Meet The Robinsons'" - Meet Phil "Captain3D" McNally

Phil really knows his stuff, glad to see that he gets the recognition he deserves. Good for you Phil!!

... There are very few people in the world who know as much about 3D as Phil "Captain 3D" McNally. He's the guy who put the 3D into "Meet the Robinsons," as well as "Chicken Little" a few years ago. I met him at a press junket a couple of weeks ago and he looked exactly the way I wanted him to -- like Weird Al Yankovic with a sizable gold hoop earring in each ear, thick plastic glasses and a second pair of 3D glasses perched on his head. To top it off, he's a Brit. The basics of 3D, as McNally had to explain to me several times, is that the image on the screen is actually two images overlapping each other that are recorded at just slightly different angles. (Lean back in your chair to the right and imagine placing a camera there. Then lean back in your chair to the left and imagine a camera there. It's kind of like that.) ...

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Anonymous said...

Ha good picture ;-) I was searching google blogs for MTR 3D comments and found yours JD.