Monday, March 26, 2007

Nightmare on Elm Street, Zombies, Scorsese and Karl Urban

Grouping a few movie headliners, Dark Horizons via multiple sources tells us:

Michael Biehn has confirmed to Sci-Fi Wire that he has talked with director James Cameron about a role in his upcoming 3D epic "Avatar".

The move would mark a reteaming of Biehn with Cameron and Sigourney Weaver, who last starred together in 1986's "Aliens".

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The IESB has gossip from a scooper claiming that New Line is trying to get a new "Freddy" film up for a late 2007 start of production. Here's a sample:

"It probably won't be the much-rumored "prequel" film, but either a new "Freddy Vs..." movie or another 'solo' adventure for Freddy - with one treatment in particular, floating around, getting quite a lot of buzz; its simply about the new young couple (hence, young CW-esque stars get to headline) who buy into their first home together... yep, you guessed it... THAT house.

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Director Zack Snyder ("300") and wife Deborah Snyder are set to produce "Army of the Dead" at Warner Bros. Pictures reports the trades.

The zombie action-thriller, based on an original story by Snyder, won't have any narrative relation to Snyder's 2004 remake of "Dawn of the Dead" despite the similar title and subject matter.

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Martin Scorsese is looking to direct Leonardo DiCaprio in the film adaptation of Jordan Belfort's upcoming tell-all autobiography "The Wolf of Wall Street" for Warner Bros. Pictures.

And an Exclusive Interview: Karl Urban for "Pathfinder"