Monday, April 9, 2007


Our Cordinator gives you a slim but spacious case that hides cords, cables, and transformers for up to 10 devices. A single 4.5’ grounded power cord plugs into your wall, delivering power to 10 hidden outlets inside.

A 15-amp circuit breaker provides protection from overload; 3400-joule surge suppression guards against sudden spikes that can fry your semi conductors! Just pop open the sturdy lid (strong enough to support your monitor on top), and wind excess lengths of cables and cords into neat bundles. Self-adhesive retaining rings keep cords under control. Feed the connector ends out the side — in just the lengths needed to plug in — and you’ll have order where once you had chaos! Beige only; 12”x 12”x 3”.

Buy @ herringtoncatalog, found @ Gizmodo