Monday, April 30, 2007

McCallum On Young Indy & Star Wars TV

Dark Horizon got part of an interview with Rick MacCallum from the Dutch site toschestation. Check it out for info on The Young Indiana Jones DVD set and the Star Wars TV show.

  • Will "Young Indiana Jones" be used as a blueprint for the upcoming live action Star Wars television series?
  • Most people forget that it takes three and a half, four years to make a Star Wars film. It's long and that is why we are so excited to make the TV series because it's much more character driven, you make a mistake one week and fix it the next week. You got this extraordinary story of twenty years between Episode III and IV while Luke is growing up that needs to be explored. So, we are looking forward to it. One of the things we are also looking forward to is finding a new group of talent to work with on feature films very much the same way as we did with Young Indy. Almost everyone that worked on Young Indy stayed with us for seventeen years or longer and some are still with us. Now we're gonna start off with a new group, the next generation of filmmakers.