Thursday, May 31, 2007

Star Wars: Top 20 Moments

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  • 2. Darth Maul gets his lightsaber out
  • Meet Joe Black was a very lucky movie. It was lucky enough to have the first theatrical trailer for Episode I showing before it and attracted plenty of Star Wars fans, eager to see any footage available of their most eagerly-awaited movie. Probably the most memorable image from the trailer was that of Sith badass Darth Maul taking out his lightsaber and lighting it up. But wait a minute—it’s got two blades!
  • At that moment every fan’s imagination was all aflutter, dreaming of what could happen next. What does happen next is one of the most energetic lightsaber duels in the whole saga and the only complaint I have with the whole scene is that we kiss goodbye to one of the best baddies in the series and without a doubt the coolest Sith lord in the whole prequel trilogy. The acrobatics and choreography set the tone for the fight sequences in the rest of the trilogy and easily maintains audience attention while the young Skywalker is gooning around in a spaceship.