Monday, June 25, 2007

It would be cool indeed.

According to an announcement made on Thursday June 7th, Sir Sean Connery is NOT scheduled to reprise his role as Dr. Henry Jones Sr in Indy 4. Intolerable!

The mission of this site is simple. Connery must appear, even if only in a cameo, in Indy 4. There are only two reasons why Connery would not be in this film. One, he has truly retired from acting (leaving his last mark on the film world with “League of ...”). Or, Lucas/Spielberg aren’t paying him enough. If the first is true, we can only implore Connery to leave one last mark on cinema, with at least a brief cameo reprising his beloved role as Dr. Henry Jones Sr.
If the second, we appeal to Spielberg/Lucas. Get a deal done. Find a small part for Connery. We aren't expecting an hour of screen time, just give us a scene, a cameo. Bring back one of the most beloved and expertly played characters in film history. And please don't have anyone else reprise the role, as has been rumored. For many Indy fans, Sir Sean Connery’s portrayal is the highlight of the series. His camaraderie with Harrison Ford is priceless. Every minute he’s on screen in “Last Crusade” is a treasure.

At the end of the day, there’s only one message we’re preaching…


Here's how you can get involved.

Help make film history by signing the petition below which will be forwarded to the studio. In addition, spread the word in any way you can. YouTube, blogs, MySpace. We will happily link to anyone promoting the cause. We will be updating this site every day until we hear an announcement. But the time for action is now. Please link back to this site to promote awareness, if we all make a collective effort, I know we will see Connery onscreen for one last moment of a brilliant career.

Thank you for your support. With your help...we will be able to say: "I thought I loscht you, Sean...but, you came back."

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