Friday, July 20, 2007

Animated Mace Maquette - One last post...

Ok, I couldn't resist. Check this out:

"Hyperspace members who collect Gentle Giant's celebrated Clone Wars animated maquettes will want to head over to StarWarsShop on Friday, July 20, when the final maquette in the collection based on the Emmy Award Winning Cartoon Network series goes up for sale: Mace Windu!

Limited to 1,000 pieces worldwide and exclusive to, Hyperspace members will get first crack at grabbing this stunning exclusive, which will have a limit of one per person. After three days (Friday afternoon through Monday morning, PST), whatever units remain will be offered to the general public."

The maquette is available now. What saddens me is that this is the final version. No Palpatine? Biker Scout? Snow Trooper? Tarkin? Ackbar? Any imperial guy in grey or black? Rebel blockade soldiers in waiting pose ready to shoot the invading stormtroopers? Luke in ANH outfit, with one foot on the rock, looking at the twin suns? Lando? Dooku? Ewoks?

Oh well... - found @

UPDATE: Mr. Anonymous posted a correction by saying that this is only the last piece from the Clone Wars series and that there will be more from the Original Trilogy. SWEET!


Anonymous said...

this is only the last Clone Wars maquette, they will still continue to pump out animated maquettes based on the other star wars properties which saddens me greatly, as i would've much rather gotten more Clone Wars characters (especilly Foul:-( ) then OT people.

Jean-Denis Haas said...

That's awesome, thanks for the correction!