Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Great pizza moments in film

Slice of Life Great pizza moments in film By Nora Maynard 1. Pizza as a Class Divider. The Bicycle Thief (Italy, 1948). 2. Pizza as an Alibi. The Gold of Naples (Italy, 1954). S 3. Pizza as a Media Magnet. Dog Day Afternoon (USA, 1975). 4. Pizza as Something to Go with Polyester. Saturday Night Fever (USA, 1977). 5. Pizza as an Avoidance Tactic. Manhattan (USA, 1979). 6. Pizza as a Punch Line. The Jerk (USA, 1979). 7. Pizza as a Way to Cut School. Fast Times at Ridgemont High (USA, 1982). 8. Pizza as Foreplay. Do the Right Thing (USA, 1989). 9. Pizza as a Way to Get Whacked. GoodFellas (USA, 1990). 10. Pizza as a Goof on Product Placement. Wayne’s World (USA, 1992).

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