Monday, August 27, 2007

Russell Crowe on "Body of Lies"

I think the studio is aware of who they’ve hired to do the gig, and what [Scott] wants it to be about...I don’t think it will be very popular, but that’s never been part of my project choice process."

He goes on a little more about the subjects the film covers - "I think the perspective of ‘Body of Lies’ is ongoing. It’s machinations and creations of the American government, in terms of its foreign policy. I don’t think it’s so responsive to what’s happening now — because what’s happening now is actually the fruit of seeds planted two or three decades ago, if not more. But I think it’s timely to do a movie like that … it’s important, and Ridley is up for [portraying] the true negatives of this web of intrigue that’s been created."

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