Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Topspin on the Wii

Here's a nice quote:

I have a son that has lots of fun with Wii Sports. Topspin on Wii will have completely different play mechanic and a different focus. There’ll be no big heads and no players without legs. We are taking into account the direction of the move and how fast you’re doing it. My six-year-old son just wants to move. He doesn’t care if what he’s doing is specifically represented on screen. But we [hardcore gamers] want it to recognise the move, so it’s not so simple.It’s a real tennis game. Wii Sports Tennis is a wonderful game but in Topspin you will have to move your character and do different swings. You can move normally and that’ll be fine - you will just perform regular swings. But if you want to perfect your technique you will need to practise. So I like to say it’s a finished game on Wii.”

- Topspin senior producer Jean-Yves Patay

Sweet, I can't wait!! - found @ GoNintendo