Monday, August 27, 2007

Zachary Quinto on Heroes & Star Trek!

Source: Heather Newgen
August 24, 2007 has an exclusive interview with Zachary Quinto.

CS/SHH!: Did you audition for the role and have to campaign to get Spock?
Quinto: I do think I campaigned for it. I definitely put it out there that I'd be interested for it. I think there was a progression that made sense to the people that are making the movie in terms of exposure and my experience of the show and the nature of the show and the sort of crossover fan base. I went in and put myself on tape for the casting directors back in April. Then I left the country a couple of days after that for a while to travel during the summer. Immediately when I got back, like two days later they had set up a meeting. J.J. had called to set up a meeting. Two days later, there was a lot of negotiating and figuring out schedules. June 7th I think is when the offer came in and then July 26th or 27th is when we announced it at Comic-Con.

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