Monday, September 17, 2007

15 Scientific Achievements in Competition for 80th Academy Awards®

The committee has selected the following methods or devices for further consideration:

Prosthetic Transfer; Tinsley Transfers

Stunt Fire Safety Gel; Fire for Hire

Pressure Sensor Actuator; Precision Stunt Specialists

Tiny Fogger; Look Solutions

Schneider 35mm Image Quality Projection Test Film (CLT-1, CLT-2000, CLT-006); Schneider Optics, Inc.

Kodak Vision2 Color Negative Films; Eastman Kodak Company

Diagnosis and Remediation of High Speed Emulsion Stress Syndrome; Composite Components Company

Joker-Bug – Compact Versatile HMI Lighting Fixtures; K 5600, Inc.

Realflow (V.4); Next Limit Technologies

Industrial Light & Magic Water System; ILM

FSIM-Fluid Simulation Pipeline at Digital Domain; Digital Domain

The Sandstorm Software System; Sony Pictures Imageworks

Houdini’s Unified Dynamics Simulation Environments (DOPS); Side Effects Software, Inc.

Technicolor Digital Printer Lights; Technicolor

Skater Dolly Products Family; P+S Technik GmbH

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