Wednesday, October 31, 2007

iPod Touch

I got weak, I couldn't resist anymore. I got an iPod Touch and I LOVE IT! It won't replace my Archos as a main mp3 player, but as an on-the-go mp3 player you can't beat it. It's absolutely wonderfully elegant, the UI a breeze and I'm surprised at how fast websites load in Wi-fi mode.

And if you want to REALLY have fun with it, point your Safari browser to this address: let it do its thing and then tap on the new "intaller" icon. In order to access all the apps, install "Community Sources". After that I highly recommend "BSD Subsystem" & "Dock". Now you have a little yellow glow in the lower bottom right corner. Put your finger on it and slowly drag it towards the middle of the screen, you will see a rotating icon rainbow show up, super handy when you have tons of icons on your "desktop"

Another no-brainer is the following app: "Touch Calendar Fix", the title says it all There's tons more though.

A good widget though for SF people can be found @, a much more streamlined (hence widget) version of

All in all a fantastic device. Pricey indeed, but the ease of use, wi-fi and iTunes store options are awesome (although I would opt for mp3sparks myself), and if you ad the jailbreak option, it's even better. - pic source