Saturday, December 22, 2007

Die Hard 4.0 - Live free or die hard

I finally saw Live Free or Die Hard - Unrated (Two-Disc Special Edition)a few days ago and liked it except two major action sequences that were just too unrealistic. One, Willis driving into Maggie Q, then through walls and down into an elevator shaft. Sorry, but her legs would be mush from the impact, let alone the rest of the body once down the shaft. Yet she climbs up like nothing happened. Lame. And then Willis on the plane. Lame.
Even within a certain genre or world you create you need to obey a few rules and these sequences just broke them and it takes me right out of the movie. Just like a few scenes in "I Am Legend", but that's another post maybe.
Other than that, the unrated version has a few weird ADR problems but I'd watch that over the theatrical version any time.
The making-of is great and very detailed. I was surprised to see what was special effects instead of visual effects (for instance the flipping cars landing on top of Willis and the mac guy). Yes, by the compositing (and pure nature of the shot) you can tell something is fake, but the cars are actually real, which was cool to see.
The Digital Intermediate making-of with the explanation of color correction is awesome. That's definitely an area which I have no idea of. "Seven" had a good behind-the-scenes about that but on "Die Hard 4" it seems pretty detailed. Again, hard for me to say though since I don't know anything about it. :)
The sound mixing part is always one of my favorite (besides the VFX/Animation). I love sound design and when they show for instance the elevator shaft sequence with just the sounds I just nerd out, I love it. Side rant, it's too bad they stopped including SFX only tracks on Pixar DVDs. I know that no one besides nerds would listen to it and there is no real commercial value by including it. Oh well.

All in all, good times.