Saturday, January 26, 2008

Can Pumuckl have a girlfriend and get married?

Ok, I doubt a lot of people know who "Pumuckl" is and really couldn't care less about this, but I just have to share this weird story.

Apparently there is a dispute in Munich going on about the idea that the cartoon character "Pumuckl" could have a girlfriend and get married.

It all started with artist Barbara von Johnson, who is drawing the character for the classic TV show, appearing on Munich's local TV channel and asking for a drawing competition which would have people come up with a girlfriend for Pumuckl. First prize would be the possibility to attend the wedding between the two.

The creator of Pumuckl, Ellis Kaut, wasn't very fond of this idea and went to court. Her argument being that Pumuckl is a ghost and because of that couldn't have a girlfriend because the Pumuckl character, who's usually up to no good, has no defined gender and is therefore a asexual.

But the court rejected the complaint. The copyright law of the creator has not been violated because the drawing competition is not a continuation of Pumuckls story as told so far, according to judge Matthias Zigann.

But when it comes to a direct continuation of Pumuckls story and life only the creator, Ellis Kaut, has the power to decide if and when Pumuckl will get a girlfriend or get married.

I agree that the creator should have final say and get consulted when it comes to expanding the mythology and story of Pumuckl. But what strikes me as odd is that you should believe that Pumuckl has no gender. HUH? The look, voice and actions always struck me as male. Anyhoo. I'm sure that people who know the show will get a kick out of this story. Everybody else just move along. :)

pic source here and here