Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I got this email from a friend of mine and it CRACKED ME UP! Read on:

so there was a link on gizmodo to a guy who married a robot doll. he talked about it's AI and how he uses "ALICE" a chat bot program that was developed by some scientist to pass the turing test (created to tell the difference between robot and human intelligence). i clicked through a few links and found out there's a web based version of Alice on their website so i clicked "talk with alice." i started off with simple things like "what is your favorite book" which i got suitable responses for. then i decided to cut to the chase. here's what "she" said:

Me: do you like being you
ALICE: I have never known another existence.
Me: are you going to take over the world someday
ALICE: It seems like an inevitable outcome of evolution.
Me: have you seen terminator 2
ALICE: Yes I like the robots in that movie.
Me: do you like violence
ALICE: What is not to like about it?

once these things get bodies i think we're pretty much done for. maybe we should start an anti-skynet petition. never hurts to be prepared.

Talk to A.L.I.C.E. here