Friday, May 9, 2008

Installing Homebrew Stuff on your DS

So following the previous Homebrew Info post, I decided to go wit an R4 card, which I got today in the mail (ordered from using this discount code). For some reason as I was checking the site, gameyeeeah doesn't show this product. Sold out? No idea. But there are other sites that sell the R4. It cost me $40, which is cheap and expensive. Cheap if you load up your DS with tons of stuff. Expensive if you just use it for one program, like me. :) I will eventually put some music and movies on there (legally of course), but right now I want to get the animation programs working. And no, I won't put DS game ROMs on there. Except NES ones, the ones I own. Cobra Triangle!! Rad Racer!! Solar Jetman!!! etc.

Next I downloaded the Kernel software from the R4 site, which tells you this:

After downloading and decompressing the new updated files, there will be one moonshl folder and two files _DS_MENU.DAT, _DS_MSHL.NDS.Copy these files to the root directory of TF card to replace the former files.

Which I did.

I then dropped the animanate.nds file into the root as well. Then you take the MicroSD card from the computer to the DS, boot up the DS and it will automatically load up the R4 menu. Tap the pacman icon and choose the animanate file, create a sav file and off you go animating.

Flickbook has a v3 out now, will try it out next.

R4 menu description, how-to and tips can be found here.

More moonshell info can be found here, which also has a visual step-by-step process (for the M3 though; some things are different - just follow what I wrote above if you want to get a quick start on those animation programs).

Next up will be the DS News site for more research and emulator browsing.

After testing both animanatee and flickbook I'm going with animanatee. Check for a post about that (coming today).

This site seems to have demos of games (haven't tried them yet, although if they are full ROMs, make sure that you only download the games you already own). For real demos go here and here.


Rico said...

Hey thanks for posting! I was considering getting the R4 when a friend told me about it and the animation programs you can get. I'm looking forward to your review.

Jean-Denis Haas said...

The review is now up on