Thursday, June 26, 2008

Kung Fu Panda SPOILERS!


This is a comment found on Cartoon Brew (topic: writer ranting about Dreamworks). Classic:

You know, I felt kind of sorry for the leopard in Kung Fu Panda, and couldn’t quite figure out why, because I knew I’m not supposed to. But I DID. And now I know why, thanks to Mr. Harmon’s rant. I mean, I like Po - he’s hard not to like - but how does his “suffering” - stuck working in a noodle restaurant for a kindly father goose while dreaming fanboy dreams of kung fu glory - compare to Tai Lung’s suffering - being trained relentlessly, promised the pain and effort will earn you a great honor and destiny, and then when the time comes for your hard-earned reward, some old fart turtle shakes his head and walks away? And then your slavedriving master doesn’t defend you? I imagine he WOULD get pissed. And then he’s thrown in prison and treated like crap for 20 years. Gee that totally wouldn’t mess with his head, right?

I also wondered why the character I liked the least was the kung fu master. I couldn’t figure that out either, because I knew I was supposed to feel sorry for him. But now I know it’s because, when you get right down to it, he’s kind of a dick. Thanks again, Mr. Harmon! KFP’s eye candy overwhelmed my brain in a way that not even the second Star War’s trilogy did - I realized right away that *it* was crap. Yet it made money too. I guess eye candy is enough for some people…