Sunday, June 22, 2008

Writer's Strike Numbers

Don't know from where but someone sent this:

the strike cost the state of California more than $2 billion and 27'000 jobs.

Well done writers, well done. Now that you got your new deal, are you paying back and helping the ones that lost their job? What about those that lost their job outside of the U.S. because of the strike? Hmm?


tomsaville said...

I lost one of my favorite shows to the strike (the 4400)...I hope the industry recoups fast. Those folks deserve their credits/cash....hard workers out there.

Jean-Denis Haas said...

I agree they deserve it and as much as I understand why people should have the right to be on strike, it's still annoying as hell to see the fallout when they exercise that right.
My sympathy is shrinking when I have to see a good friend being laid off while he's trying to pay off house payments and awaiting a baby.

Rico said...
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Rico said...

And what now of the potential SAG strike at the end of the month. I wonder how many more jobs will be lost or productions halted or still born. Has anyone noticed a slow down in productions in the industry? I've heard stories how people/companies are having difficult times trying to find new productions to work on because of the impending strike. Have you heard or felt the affects of a possible SAG strike?

Jean-Denis Haas said...

I'm not allowed to reveal our schedules but look at my previous comment, I think you can figure it out. :)