Tuesday, July 22, 2008

More King of Kong Drama

The director, Seth Gordon, is hard at work at a screenplay for The King
of Kong, which he will then sell to have a fictional movie made. Or, as
I am saying, a second fictional movie, but one where he can see 100% of
the profits of the picture without having to cut in any of the people
whose lives he just took a galactic dump on. Let me be clear: he fucked
these people. He couldn't have fucked them worse than if he strapped
them across a air-hockey table and sodomized them with a Wico Command
Control Joystick. He interviewed them, had them retrieve archival
footage and materials going back decades, recorded them at their homes,
their places of work, and at events that they put up at their own
expense and time, and then he painted them in clown makeup and threw
pies at them for an hour and 19 minutes.

And by doing this, he fucked me, too. Doors that were open to me and my
production are slammed shut, people who would have been interviewed by
me freely and happily are now rightfully suspicious, and there are
places I can no longer hope to go. Maybe, just maybe after I am deep in
my production and I show people footage and where I'm going with it I
might get some folks to open up, but the damage is pretty goddamn
severe. A documentary that rips entire groups of good-hearted people as
shadowy, conniving scumbags with razor-thin morality hurts the scene
being portrayed and hurts the people themselves. All this effort, just
to turn reality into a faked up drama worthy of a dime store pulp. Yes,
I am saying the movie is so bad that it has actually sucked my future
movie into darkness as well.

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