Thursday, August 14, 2008

Jeudi stuff

Zelda Philosophy book

My First Cavity Search

Body of Lies - Trailer

Music Video "My Boobs Are Okay" - wtf?

Unusual smart comment on Filmdrunk about Tropic Thunder retard controversy:

Basically, they want you to find a retarded person who's just chillin out having a good time and take him to the movies with you to shame people over something he doesn't understand. That's the thing - there aren't actually any retarded people in the movie. It's Ben Stiller playing a bad actor whose last character was Hollywood's conception of a retarded person. Never once do they ridicule an actual retarded person. And anyway, the quickest way to inspire fear and misunderstanding about a group is to make people feel like they always have to tiptoe around them.

Holy Ghost Church - and they gave Cruise crap for what?