Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Say hello to the new Archos line

I had the first generation one and I still have the 500AV version (DVR and direct line video recording is super sweet), because 100GB was huge when it came out (and it still is) and it just beats every iPod classic. The new version has up to 320GB. Holy moly. Just read the quick spec list:

The 4.8" flagship 5G ditches the tired interface and buttons of the Gen-5 device for a slick UI and touchscreen-only operation. It's got Wi-Fi, HD video support, web browsing, e-mail, a huge HDD (up to 250GB), and built-in HSPDA 3G connectivity. It's also got dock connectors, GPS, DVR, video/audio recording and more.

More info @ Gizmodo