Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This is pure Hollywood, yet scary...

I know, conspiracies, all that stuff, but there was a great discussion at work abou this:

First, you get this $700 billion bailout package, which (if passed) can not be challenged by court at all.

Now, have you heard about NSPD-51? In short, if an extraordinary event or national emergency happens, like a terrorist attack, natural disaster or (coincidence?) economic crisis, the president can cancel the current election and stay in power until things get better. But who knows how long this will take?

Imagine the elections are cancelled and Bush stays in power, people will riot, right?

Well, beginning Oct. 1... the 1st Brigade Combat Team will be patrolling on US soil as a response force for natural or man made emergencies and disasters...


I don't think any of this will happen, but the fact that this has been proposed (bailout package) and passed (NSPD-51), is just scary. At least that bailout package is being scrutinized, but that NSPD-51 bomb? Of course you have to think about the possibility of an attack and disruption during an election, but with the current administration in power? Holy moly.

People are saying that the current economic problem was a calculated effort (although supposed to blow AFTER the election), all part of the plan since 9/11, to shock the public and then take advantage of them. Sounds more like a cool movie. You'd think that people would see that coming. But then again, there is a precedent... Nazi Germany anyone? Or more recent, the storyline of the SW prequels? Order 66?