Thursday, November 13, 2008

Dark Knight makes 1 Billion, Roku Trick

My Own Worst Enemy - Cancelled
Dark Knight makes $$$, score won't get Oscar nom
Trailers - 2012, Crossing Over
Awesome Police Cruiser
Mayor of Turkish City "Batman" sues Warner?!?!?!?
Roku Netflix one-dot streaming

You can force full bandwidth/ 4 dots. I did it and mine works like a charm, although I did move my wireless access point a little closer to avoid hang-ups. I cut and pasted this from a Roku Forum thread: "Using the remote, hit Home Home Home Home Home Rewind Rewind Rewind FastForward FastForward (that's 5 Homes, 3 Rewinds, 2 FastForwards), keypresses about 1/2 second apart. You may have to try several times and the trick is to make the keypresses spaced out far enough. (Remember, the last two are >, which are on the bottom row of buttons, not the <> keys to the side of the select button.) This will take you into debug mode."

Once you are there you select 2.2 Mbps. It works, flawlessly for me.