Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fantastic Transformers 2 review


awesome reply in the comments section:

>I have no fucking clue. It's impossible to tell most of them apart except for Optimus and the Racist Twins (there's another yellow Autobot who I constantly thought was Bumblebee). There could be 46, or there could be 12. I honestly would believe 12 if someone had said that.
Either blind or inept. Also, there is no other yellow Autobot.

>The Autobots have joined the military to hunt down the Decepticons. We're told the Decepticons are "doing things," but they appear to be hiding peacefully when the Autobots show up and brutally murder them.
Its called pre-emptive strikes. Decepticons are clearly mobilizing for a reason

>But the Allspark killed Megatron in the first movie.
>...and now it can also bring him back to life.
It's very powerful, this Allspark.
The allspark overloaded Megatron. The shard brough him back online. This is Transformers 101

>Shouldn't they have sent Starscream or somebody?
Because Starscream would totally just fit right in the surroundings

>Didn't Sam touch the shard and get the symbols stuck in his head on his first day of college?
No, the symbols were in his head since the end of the first movie. The fallen actually explained this

>Well, if one shard brought Megatron back to life, can't Sam just use his shard piece to resurrect Optimus?
>Yes. He could.
No. Optimus is 100% dead. A shard would not bring him back to life.

>Ah! Remember the shard? Sam uses it to bring Jetfire back to life!

Jetfire wasn't dead.

>Transformers don't teleport.

Yes they do, they are called Seekers, and Jetfire is specifically called a seeker

>Yeah, for a little while. But then the Transformers in heaven send him back because he still has work to do.

This is what happened in the cartoon movie, except with Rodimus. Big fucking deal.

*idiots* complain about a Transformers movie for being a Transformers movie

It gets's better and better:

Anonymous said:
Blinker said:
But it brought Megatron back who was 100% dead.

No, he wasn't. He was Overloaded and one of the decepticons that went down to the ocean gave up its spark to revive him as well.
The shard can't do all things.

The first movie made it pretty darn clear he was dead.

Blinker said:
Rodimus didn't go to heaven, and if Spike could be sent back to life why could'nt the Primes send Optimus back directly. And once again, the cartoon that's 25 years old and was made from 1 billionith of the budget has nothing to do with this movie.

Its a toy commercial, if you went in expecting something more than that you're a few energon cubes short of a full upgrade.
If you catch my meaning.

And here we go. Outside of the movie's internal logic and back to the fact that it's from a toy commercial. And I'm not a few energon cubes short by expecting total crap from a Michale Bay movie which has always been more brain dead that any children's commercial.

Blinker said:
He also would've actually succeed as opposed to a Terminator ripooff and a toy truck. and Alice didn't seem worried about being descreet either.

Small is better for infiltration

Yeah but big actually gets the job done as Alice learned when a giant car crashed into her and a large Megan Fox tossed Wheelie into a small box.

and Alice was a Pretender.
Transformers 101.

The movie says nothing about Pretenders. The movie is separate continuity from the 84 toyline. These are narrative rules.

Pretenders were made before Terminator.

Terminator the movie came out in 1984, Pretenders came out in 1988. Stop using that Transformers 101 line, please. It's sounding really stupid


shiva said...

haha..didn't u work on this movie!

Jean-Denis Haas said...

Hahaha, yep! Unfortunately we don't have control over the story. :)