Saturday, March 31, 2007

"Meet The Robinsons'" - Meet Phil "Captain3D" McNally

Phil really knows his stuff, glad to see that he gets the recognition he deserves. Good for you Phil!!

... There are very few people in the world who know as much about 3D as Phil "Captain 3D" McNally. He's the guy who put the 3D into "Meet the Robinsons," as well as "Chicken Little" a few years ago. I met him at a press junket a couple of weeks ago and he looked exactly the way I wanted him to -- like Weird Al Yankovic with a sizable gold hoop earring in each ear, thick plastic glasses and a second pair of 3D glasses perched on his head. To top it off, he's a Brit. The basics of 3D, as McNally had to explain to me several times, is that the image on the screen is actually two images overlapping each other that are recorded at just slightly different angles. (Lean back in your chair to the right and imagine placing a camera there. Then lean back in your chair to the left and imagine a camera there. It's kind of like that.) ...

read more @ L.A. Times

3D Movies are coming faster than expected

Three-dimensional film technology can transform the movie business, with viewers willing to pay a premium for it, two top movie industry executives said Wednesday.

Michael Campbell, CEO of Regal Entertainment Group, said box office results from the handful of 3D films released so far have convinced him of the "potential advantages for theaters, not just studios" in switching to digital projection systems that support modern 3D technology.

Campbell told analysts at a Bank of America conference that audiences are willing to pay premium ticket prices for 3D films, preferring them by a 2-to-1 margin.

Another deciding factor for Regal was a strong show of support for the new medium by Hollywood studios, among them Walt Disney and DreamWorks Animation SKG. The latter announced earlier this month that starting in 2009, all of its movies will be in 3D. The first one out the gate will be Monsters vs. Aliens.


more @ CNET News

Dan Deacon on NBC

Could he be the absolut Nerd? The one that rules them all?

Pirates 3 Jack Sparrow 18-Inch Talking Action Figure

$44.90 @ Entertainment Earth

Slow Motion Videos

Nobby-Tech has very interesting slow motion videos.

Today's Fitness Tip: Fluid Replacement

Some sports drinks contain carbohydrates. The best time to drink
products with carbohydrates may be during exercise. This is especially
true for high intensity and/or long duration activities. Drinking
them before exercise can lead to low blood sugar. After exercise,
water and a carbohydrate-rich meal or snack is often your best choice.

Friday, March 30, 2007

"Grindhouse" Figures from NECA

Head over to Cornerstorecomics for more.

Funny Kung Fu Movie

Lots of flipping off, explicit title and some gore, kiddies be warned.

"Straw Dogs" Remake

According to Dark Horizons Rod Lurie is going to direct the remake of Dustin Hoffman's "Straw Dog".

I've watched the movie 2 or 3 years ago and thought that it was really boring. Until the end. The pacing of the beginning makes the ending so much more powerful and Hoffman's performance is fantastic!

I highly recommend the original:

Ralph Bakshi Book

Cartoon Brew reports that there is a book in the making about Ralph Bakshi. Good news! I still love "Fire and Ice", a favorite of mine when I was younger.
The book creators are given full access to his life's work, which should be quite colorful.

New "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" Images

Go to for more

"I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry" - Trailer

"Ocean's Thirteen" Trailer

"Evan Almighty" Trailer got a 2nd Transformers TV Spot

Super sweet! Looks great!

Go to, us FWIFFO as the password, and then click on the red harddrive.

[EDIT: IGN got all of them now.]

More Fitness Tip

Head over to for a lot more pictures. This only covers 4 months, but it goes on for 4 years. Holy moly!

Here's the end:

LEGO cholesterol campaign

check for more

Microsoft's PR slip-up

There's interesting news @ Wired, via Dvorak, about Microsoft's faux pas.

The software giant is involved in a rather embarrassing email slip-up, which revealed the tactics used by Microsoft’s PR machine to generate favorable media coverage. Fred Vogelstein, a contributor for ‘Wired’ magazine received a file that Microsoft and its outside public relations agency, Waggener Edstrom keeps on him.

the 5500-word memo contained detailed notes on how Microsoft should manage a story that Vogelstein was writing on the software giant, including details on his interviewing style and possible biases.


"Surf's Up" Trailer

from AOL's Movies page

It still looks fun, but I have to say that the handheld cam is omnipresent in this trailer. Is the movie maybe half documentary half "normal"? I was hoping for a full on mockumentary. Oh well...

Mark Wahlberg is in M. Night's "The Happening"

Dark Horizons reports:

Twentieth Century Fox will release M. Night Shyamalan's paranoia thriller, "The Happening," worldwide on Friday June 13th 2008.

Mark Wahlberg is set to star in the film about a family on the run from an apocalyptic threat to humanity.

Interview - Paul Verhoeven has an exclusive interview with Paul Vehoeven.

Ever since making his American debut with RoboCop twenty years ago, Dutch director Paul Verhoeven has become reknowned for his wild, sensationalistic Hollywood films full of sex and violence, the best (and worst) examples of the former being 1992's Basic Instinct and 1995's Showgirls. It's been over six years since Verhoeven's last film Hollow Man and in that time, two of his movies had direct-to-video sequels without his involvement--a third probably should have been released direct-to-video.

In some ways, Verhoeven's latest film Black Book is a return to the basics of his 1978 WWII film Soldier of Orange as it examines the Dutch Resistance during the German occupation of Holland with charismatic Dutch actress Carice van Houten at the center of the story about a Jewish singer who literally gets into bed with the Nazis to survive. One of the German officers she beds, played by Sebastian Koch of the Oscar-winning The Lives of Others, ends up helping the Resistance as the war came to an end. spoke to the visionary Dutch filmmaker during a brief visit to New York City where Black Book was being shown as part of the Lincoln Center Film Society's "Film Comment Selects" program


Hit the link for more.

New Transformers TV Spot

Happy Friday

Michael Bay Interview

It's a very old article, but still interesting.


But, really, what the hell is Bay's problem? Why can't he engage the Frankenheimer matter in any kind of serious, subtle, thoughtful or feeling way? Maybe this is to be expected, given the types of movies he has made. But maybe even those movies, at a cost of many millions of dollars, are simply giant-scale expressions of denial, a furious pushing away of everything that makes him uncomfortable. Maybe, too, they are Bay's big-budget cries for help, and so far no one, certainly none of the critics, has heard his sorrowful yaps. Could this be?

"Listen,'' he says, "I can be very reserved about things. My business side isn't shy. I can be like a general. But I've got a shy side. I'm also a lot deeper than people think, and a lot more sensitive. But I don't let people in too much.''

The next day, Bay arrives at his office in his Ferrari. Out of the blue, he announces that he's thinking of selling the Ferrari as well as the Porsche. "I need a more sensible car,'' he says. "Maybe I'll buy a sedan of some sort.''

A while later, his girl, Lisa, drops by. She is, of course, a blonde. She's wearing a supertight, curve-hugging red dress, with a classy peekaboo cutout about chest high, and to say that she is hot hardly does her justice. She is something else entirely. But all too soon she is gone.


more @ Rolling Stone

Ask A Ninja "Blades of Glory"

Today's Fitness Tip: Interval Training

Interval training can be an effective way to boost your fitness level.
Unless there is a medical reason not to do so, try 1 minute of more
intense exercise mixed into your regular aerobic exercise sessions.
For example, walk at moderate intensity for 5 minutes, and then do 1
minute at a faster pace. Repeat the cycle. Make sure to include a
proper warm up and cool down.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Ice Shot Glass Maker

Gizmodo just made my day! The awesome thing is that it forces you to drink quickly! Or you mix up some submarines with it.

Fill Cool Shooter with water or your favorite juice, freeze, and then pop out four fully-formed frozen shot glasses. A great way to add a little nip to your favorite sip!

Mortal Kombat reboot and X-Files 2?

In other good news it seems all the talk of an "X-Files sequel may be panning out at last. David Duchovny told The IESB this week that "they were in final negotiations for the second X-Files film and should wrap this week. Plans are to start shooting next year or sooner."


As for the crazy news? Seems there's talk of a "Batman Begins"/"Casino Royale" style relaunch of the "Mortal Kombat" film franchise. Where's this talk come from? Some guy named 'mink' on The IMDb.

Dark Horizons has more.

Actress sues IMDB for publishing her name and birth date

Head over to Dvorak for more:

A Japanese actress is stretching privacy law too far by claiming that the danger of harassment by “aggressive and overzealous fans” makes the Internet Movie Database liable for publishing her real name and date of birth.

Eriko Tamura, who now lives in Los Angeles, sued IMDB this month under the tort of public disclosure of private facts, which is in tension with the First Amendment because it involves the publication of truthful information. The published material must be of a kind that is “highly offensive to a reasonable person” and “not of legitimate concern to the public.”

On its much-trafficked Web site, IMDB has posted an entry for Eriko Sakamoto, Tamura’s real name, and also gives her date of birth in the separate entry for Eriko Tamura. Neither of the entries identifies Sakamoto and Tamura as the same person.

But in her complaint, Tamura alleges those facts are private and she has kept them “completely private” because they could be used by “third parties to track down her residence.” Before moving to L.A. to pursue an acting career, she was a teen-idol pop star in Japan who was compared to Britney Spears.

ROBO-ONE 11: OmniZero.4 Demonstration Phase

Codemaster's "Colin McRae: DIRT"

3DTotal got the link for Codemaster's "Colin McRae: DIRT". The renders are very sweet. Now have that be in game for all the 3D games, then I'd pay the PS3 price.

"Inglorious Bastards"

Now this cast hasn't been cofirmed, but according to Dark Horizons, these following actors have been rumored to be involved with it:

Michael Madsen, Tim Roth, Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, Paul Walker, Adam Sandler, Eddie Murphy, Johnny Depp, John Travolta, Harvey Keitel, Fred Williamson, John Jarratt, Mickey Rourke and Christopher Walken


Set in World War II, the story revolves around a group of soldiers on their way to be executed, when they get the chance of a reprieve. Tarantino's 600-page script will likely be released as two to three parts of a single movie.

2007 underwater robot convention in Tokyo

You have to see all the submarine designs!!

The designs range from Enterprise mock-ups to Snakes and all kinds of weird robots. Very cool!

Tweaking Game Reviews

Kotaku has a post about Former Australian Official PlayStation Mag editor and Xbox PR man Richie Young:

1) Fact: games reviewers have been offered either sex or money to change a review score. To quote the PR person I am referring to: "I will do ANYTHING if you can change the score. Just tell me what it will take..."

2 )Fact: be careful when you read an "exclusive" review. You probably already know this, but they are much-more-often-than-not tied to agreements about coverage or minimum scores.

3) Fact: PR companies identify journalists they want to impress... and go about in unashamedly. This includes campaigning them for better coverage by using elaborate gifts like dinners, overseas trips...

4) Fact: small media operators hold and use the power of balance over their editorial staff. When all is said and done, it means that advertising agreements do help sway final game review scores.

5) Fact: most game reviewers get paid little, which increases the likelihood that they will fall into the trap of temptation. This is not their fault, but a reality of the industry.

for more, head over to Kotaku

"Fireflies in the Garden"

Check out that cast!!:

Willem Dafoe, Hayden Panettiere, Shannon Lucio, Ioan Gruffudd, George Newbern, Carrie Anne Moss, Ryan Reynolds, Julia Roberts and Emily Watson.

For more info go to Dark Horizons.

Katzenberg is confident about "Shrek the Third"

According to Reuters via Yahoo! Movies, DreamWorks Animation Chief Executive Jeffrey Katzenberg feels confident that Shrek the Third will do well against fellow third installments Spider-Man 3 and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. “We are the only family film, the only PG-rated movie and we are 81 minutes long. That pretty much means we are going to tend to get one-and-a-half to two shows for every one of theirs because they are longer films,” comments Katzenberg.

more @ Animated News plus all the links to the sources

"'Transformers': Good knight vs. bad"

By Anthony Breznican, USA TODAY

The writers of the new Transformers movie thought of the shape-shifting robot characters as giant, mechanical knights.

So it's fitting the first images of Optimus Prime and Megatron — the posters go online Wednesday — reveal armor and faceplates that look medieval by way of Star Wars.

"We always modeled Optimus Prime after King Arthur," says Alex Kurtzman, who co-wrote the film with Roberto Orci. "His design (from the '80s toys and cartoon) was so iconic we couldn't make too many changes."

continue reading @ USA Today

The Rolling Bridge

How neat is that!?

found @ Gizmodo

Dynamo short animation

Head over to for the clip.

GTA IV Countdown

00 03 43 00 as I'm writing this. The Trailer is almost here.

Star Wars Stamps

Find out more @ USPS Jedi Master

Today's Fitness Tip: Ulcer Problem

Researchers now know that H. pylori bacteria are responsible for large
numbers of peptic ulcers. Other causes include chronic aspirin use
and the use of certain drugs that irritate the lining of the stomach
and intestines. If you think you might have an ulcer, talk to your
doctor. A simple blood test can determine if you have H. pylori.
Antibiotics can treat an H. Pylori infection.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Book Covers

the leaky cauldron has the UK and US versions of the newest Harry Potter book, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows". I didn't know there was an adult version. Oooo!

HD trailer for Ratatouille

Head over to Apple's site for all the HD glory. The 1080p version looks amazing!

Chris Sanders is going to Dreamworks

According to Variety:

DreamWorks Animation has hired "Lilo & Stitch" director Chris Sanders, a longtime Disney vet, to helm its cavemen comedy "Crood Awakenings." The talent coup is reminiscent of the competition for animators in the mid-'90s.

DreamWorks had been developing "Crood" with Aardman, but took it inhouse after its partnership with the British claymation house recently ended.

Head over there for more info about the movie plot.

Trailer - The Bourne Ultimatum

Yahoo UK via ComingSoon has the new trailer up. The movie will come out on August 3rd.

Ray Winstone in "Indiana Jones 4"

The great Ray Winstone from "Sexy Beast", "The Proposition" and the upcoming Zemeckis flick "Beowolf" is going to play a major role in Spielberg's upcoming "Indiana Jones 4: The Aging Men". The Hollywood Reporter mentiones that Winstone will play Ford's sidekick.

Andy Serkis in "Cottage"

The Ueber Mocap Star Andy Serkis is going to appear in "The Cottage", by writer/director Paul Andrew Williams (maker of the award winning "London to Brighton"), Variety says.

"The Cottage" is a black comedy horror pic set in the remote countryside, about two brothers who bungle the kidnapping of the daughter of a crime boss and then stumble across a dark rural secret.

I'm not a big fan of all the Mocap-Serkis PR crap, but I like him as an actor (not just Kong and The Prestige, I saw an older movie with him and he was quite good in it).

Today's Fitness Tip: Vegetarian Meals - Low fat?

Are vegetarian meals low in fat? Not always. Some vegetarian meals
contain high fat cheeses or sauces. Others may be fried or contain
unhealthy fats such as coconut or palm oil. Some contain healthy fats
(including many vegetable oils, nuts, seeds and avocado). While good
for you in moderation, healthy fats can still provide extra, unneeded
calories. When choosing a vegetarian entrée, consider asking about the
ingredients and method of preparation.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

XBox 360 Elite - Now official

You can get impressions from Gizmodo, Engadget and/or Kotaku. Or read the official press release.

Microsoft Unveils Xbox 360 Elite

Premium black console includes 120GB hard drive and line of new accessories.

REDMOND, Wash. -- March 27, 2007 -- Microsoft Corp. today announced the upcoming availability of Xbox 360™ Elite, a new model of the video game and entertainment system that will include a 120GB hard drive, a high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) port, a high-definition cable, and a premium black finish for the console, wireless controller and Xbox LIVE® headset. Xbox 360 Elite has enough space for a library of Xbox LIVE Arcade games and thousands of songs, as well as downloadable high-definition TV shows and movies available on Xbox LIVE Marketplace. The new 120GB hard drive also will be sold as a stand-alone accessory to give current Xbox 360 owners greater choice and flexibility in their games and entertainment experience. Additional Xbox 360 Elite accessories, such as the black Xbox 360 Wireless Controller, Xbox 360 Play & Charge kit and the Xbox 360 rechargeable battery, will be available separately. The Xbox 360 Elite and its accessories are expected to begin arriving in U.S. stores on April 29.

"Today's games and entertainment enthusiast has an insatiable appetite for digital high-definition content," said Peter Moore, corporate vice president for the Interactive Entertainment Business at Microsoft. "Xbox 360 Elite's larger hard drive and premium accessories will allow our community to enjoy all that the next generation of entertainment has to offer."

Distinguished by its black finish and signature metallic detailing, Xbox 360 Elite will have an estimated retail price1 of $479.99 (U.S.) and will come packed with components and accessories for the ultimate high-definition entertainment experience:2

· Xbox 360 Elite console. The console is equipped with a premium black finish and three powerful core processors capable of producing the best in HD entertainment (up to 1080p), 16:9 cinematic aspect ratio, anti-aliasing for smooth textures, full surround sound, HDMI output and DVD playback with upscaling capabilities right out of the box.

· Xbox 360 120GB hard drive. The 120GB detachable hard drive allows gamers to save their games and store television shows, movies, music, pictures, trailers, levels, demos and other content available from Xbox LIVE Marketplace.3 The hard drive is sold separately for an estimated retail price of $179.99 (U.S.).

· Xbox 360 Wireless Controller (black). This award-winning, high-performance wireless controller, now in black, features the Xbox® Guide Button for quick, in-game access to friends and music. It has a range of up to 30 feet and a battery life of 30 hours on two AA batteries. It is sold separately for an estimated retail price of $49.99 (U.S.).

· Xbox 360 headset (black). Now available in black, the headset lets gamers strategize or trade taunts while playing games and send voice messages to friends on Xbox LIVE.

· Xbox 360 HDMI cable. New to Xbox 360, HDMI allows consumers to get HD video (up to 1080p) and multichannel surround sound, all from one cable.

· Xbox LIVE Silver Membership. With this, gamers can chat with friends online, collect achievements and gamerscores, send and receive voice and text messages, and access Xbox LIVE Marketplace content such as game demos, HD movies and TV, as well as the best in downloadable games from Xbox LIVE Arcade.

· One-month subscription to Xbox LIVE Gold. An Xbox LIVE Gold Membership provides a complete online entertainment experience. Those who subscribe to this premium service can engage in competitive online multiplayer matches, tailor their matchmaking via feedback and accomplishments, chat with more than one person at a time, and take advantage of unique privileges in the Xbox LIVE Marketplace and Xbox LIVE Arcade.

The following accessories for the Xbox 360 Elite console will only be sold separately:

· Xbox 360 Play & Charge kit. Complete with a charging cable and a black rechargeable battery pack, the Xbox 360 Play & Charge kit allows gamers to recharge their Xbox 360 Wireless Controller without interrupting their gameplay. it is sold separately for an estimated retail price of $19.99 (U.S.).

· Xbox 360 rechargeable battery (black). The rechargeable battery pack provides more than 25 hours of gameplay per charge. It is sold separately for an estimated retail price of $11.99 (U.S.).

About Xbox 360

Xbox 360 is the most powerful video game and entertainment system, delivering the best games, the next generation of the premier Xbox LIVE online gaming network and unique digital entertainment experiences that revolve around gamers. Xbox 360 has a catalog of more than 160 high-definition games and is available in 37 countries. More information can be found online at

About Microsoft

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq "MSFT") is the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential.

Village sniper

"John Carter of Mars" by Pixar?

Is Pixar going into VFX work?

Luxo points to a Filmstew article, which says (among other things):

Screenwriter and first-time director Mark Fergus (First Snow) came this close to convincing Paramount to move forward with an adaptation of the Edgar Rice Burroughs novel John Carter of Mars. But he’s still stoked at the prospect of Pixar picking up the slack, either by way of animation or special effects enhanced live action.


Even if the creatures are not of this earth, you’d still get an actor to do a performance and their face would actually be melded with the creature, so you’d get a real performance. I think Pixar is going to do it now.”


Disneyland construction photo gallery

BoingBoing points to a flickr album of old Disneyland construction pictures, as well as various candid moments of Walt Disney and other people.

Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended

As if 3Dtotal heard my prayers, they are answering them with a link to a video demo of Photoshop CS3 Extended.

The "Enhanced Vanishing Point" feature is cool!

Animator - Isaak Fernandez Rodriguez

3Dtotal links to Animator Isaak Fernandez Rodriguez and his "Batman: Chapter 1" short.

It's reallIt's really cute and well done. Love it when he jumps in front of the safe with his cape fully stretched out!

Tivo Photo & Video Sharing Service

It's Just a Few Easy Steps to Create a Home Movie and Share it to TiVo

1. Create a Video Montage. Upload your photos and video clips. Add in cool transitions, music and special effects. Press preview and you've got a Video Montage.
2. Create a personal TiVo channel code using our channel creation wizard.
3. Share your TiVo channel with friends and family. All they need is a broadband-connected TiVo Series2™ or Series3™ box. Our email provides step-by-step instructions.
4. Friends and family add your personal TiVo channel and your Video Montages will show up in their Now Playing list.

Do I need to have TiVo?
No, you do not need a TiVo subscription to create a TiVo channel and share your Video Montages to friends and family. Access to your personal TiVo channel and your Video Montages does require a broadband-connected Series 2™ or Series 3™ TiVo.
What does it cost?
For a limited time, One True Media users can join our TiVo One True Media Beta program for free. This Beta period begins on March 26, 2007 and ends on April 30, 2007. For more information, please read our Beta Program Details.

for more details, head over to One True Media, via Gizmodo

Batman - The Lego Game

GoNintendo mentions that a Lego game based on Batman has been confirmed by Traveller's Tales. No consoles were mentioned.

Metal Slug Resin Kit

Every now and then I get this greedy nerdy feeling of "I. NEED. THIS." It's not even about wanting anymore, it's needing, as in you-can't-live-without-it. Very sad, I know... BUT COME ON! Look at the sweetness Kotaku that has given us:

You have to assemble it, paint it yourself and it's super super rare. But how awesome is THAT!

Adobe CS3 Preview

I've been very curious about the Photoshop Extended features since it incorporates 3D elements and animation tools.

3Dtotal points to Digimags' indepth preview of Adobe's different CS3 applications.

Indepth indeed.

Toy design gone wrong

Ok, let's bring down the IQ level of this blog even lower than it is. Static has a fantastic collection of toys and toy advertising pictures that are sooo wrong.

Darren Aronofsky might do "Fighter

Matt Damon and Mark Wahlberg would star in "Fighter" if the rewrite of the script is acceptable, according to Variety.

Project is based on the rise of Boston boxer "Irish" Micky Ward, who nabbed the world lightweight title with the help of his once down-and-out half-brother Dicky, who became a trainer.

The two actors sure have the physic to be boxers and with Aronofsky's style, it could be a really cool movie.

"Surf's Up" - the Spinal Tap of animated movies

I know someone that would kill me for saying "the Spinal Tap of animated movies". Being a true mockumentary or not, Coming Soon's "Exclusive: A Preview of Surf's Up!" article is still interesting.

The description of the movie sounds like the "documentary/mockumentary" part only happens at the beginning, as seen in the trailer, but then gives way to the more traditional approach. Although later on it says "In another scene, the Tank shows off his trophies to the documentary crew, explaining how he's named all of them after women. It's pretty funny but even moreso when his mother calls from off-camera embarrassing him." So maybe it switches every now and then between styles? Let's wait and see. I definitely want to see it though.

New Ghostbusters II (PAL NES/Famicom, 1990)

I should have never done that... Looking at the Goonies footage I followed a link to the "New Ghostbusters II" NES video.

The going through Contra footage you find a clip for "Shin Contra" a.k.a. "Contra: Shattered Soldier for the PS2. (sorry to youtube vide, "Embedding disabled by request")

For more mission footage, click this youtube link.

And then there is the NES Super Mario World, the pirated version.

"Goonies " Goodness with good old NES - good times

Kotaku just gave me a childhood overload by posting these two youtube videos.

This one shows the classic "Goonies" NES game with the famous Cyndi Lauper song.

This clip is the same footage but with the original beeps and sounds. CLASSIC! Wow, growing up during the NES wave sure was fantastic. Sure, the Halo 3 Legendary Edition might be cool, but I still love R.C. Pro Am, Cobra Triangle, Mach Rider, Rad Racer, Excite Bike, Solar Jetman, Duck Hunt, Link II, Total Recall, etc. etc. etc.

"Castlevania" movie without director Paul Anderson

Dark Horizons via Dread Central has the info that the writer and director of the Konami video game inspired movie "Castlevania" is not involved in it anymore.

I don't know if that's a bad thing, but either way it's disappointing. It could have been an Indiana Jones meets Dracual kinda thing. Maybe Uwe Boll will do it. :-)

Bu-ray "Casino Royale" sets record

Variety reports that the "Casino Royale" Blu-ray DVD has sold over 100'000 copies, which is a record for any HD format.

Good for Blu-ray, I hope they win. But if HD-DVD wins, that's fine too. This retarded HD format war has to end quickly.

But if you are PS3 or Blu-ray player owner, then here you go:

"Golden Compass" Footage

"Transformers" - One Sheet Poster

These are soooo coooooooooooooooooool!!! I love them! Sweeeet!!

thanks to AICN

Disney might release "Song of the South"

Song of the South has always been something of a blemish on the Disney name, due to its racist undertones. However, it can't be denied that the film is a piece of film history. It's got a reputation not unlike The Birth of a Nation, the 1915 film school staple that is widely hailed as one of the most important films of all time on one hand...but could be taken as a recruiting film for the Ku Klux Klan on the other. Song has taken a lot of flack over the years, due to its portrayal of Southern plantation blacks. The film has never been released on video in the United States, and this is from a company that releases, and re-releases, and re-re-releases everything. That may soon change, though. Disney President Bob Iger recently announced that the company has been giving some serious thought to making it available.

head over to Cinematical for Iger's statement and more.

I've actually never seen this movie.

Animated Maquettes by Gentle Giant

And I thought all the maquettes are going to be sweet. So far I loved all the Star Wars versions, the Saruman and Gandalf versions were cool as weel and even the Jack Sparrow.

But the Swann and Davy maquettes are really not my thing. The Ringwraith's horse looks cool, but as a whole, I don't know...

Today's Fitness Tip: Safe BB

For a safer barbecue, consider the following tips to prevent food
borne illness: (1) Never return cooked meats to the raw meat plate.
(2) Do not use the same utensil on both raw meat and any other foods
unless you wash the utensil first. (3) Do not taste food with a
utensil, and then return it to the food. (4) Store leftovers in the
freezer or refrigerator immediately after eating. (5) Eat leftovers
within a few days or discard.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Nightmare on Elm Street, Zombies, Scorsese and Karl Urban

Grouping a few movie headliners, Dark Horizons via multiple sources tells us:

Michael Biehn has confirmed to Sci-Fi Wire that he has talked with director James Cameron about a role in his upcoming 3D epic "Avatar".

The move would mark a reteaming of Biehn with Cameron and Sigourney Weaver, who last starred together in 1986's "Aliens".

more here

The IESB has gossip from a scooper claiming that New Line is trying to get a new "Freddy" film up for a late 2007 start of production. Here's a sample:

"It probably won't be the much-rumored "prequel" film, but either a new "Freddy Vs..." movie or another 'solo' adventure for Freddy - with one treatment in particular, floating around, getting quite a lot of buzz; its simply about the new young couple (hence, young CW-esque stars get to headline) who buy into their first home together... yep, you guessed it... THAT house.

more here

Director Zack Snyder ("300") and wife Deborah Snyder are set to produce "Army of the Dead" at Warner Bros. Pictures reports the trades.

The zombie action-thriller, based on an original story by Snyder, won't have any narrative relation to Snyder's 2004 remake of "Dawn of the Dead" despite the similar title and subject matter.

more here

Martin Scorsese is looking to direct Leonardo DiCaprio in the film adaptation of Jordan Belfort's upcoming tell-all autobiography "The Wolf of Wall Street" for Warner Bros. Pictures.

And an Exclusive Interview: Karl Urban for "Pathfinder"

John Rambo has pictures of Sylvester Stallone as John Rambo. Did you know that Stallone is 60?

nintendo Wii - Virtual Console Monday

straight from Nintendo

Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV: Wall of Fire
1-8 players
800 Wii Points
Romance of the Three Kingdoms IV is a tactical simulation game in which the player takes the role of a ruler seeking to unite China in the era of the three kingdoms of Wei, Wu and Shu. The role of the ruler is to command a range of officers with differing characteristics - some cunning strategists, others brave warriors - and strengthen the military might of his or her kingdom. Foreign policy, involving forming alliances with certain kingdoms and hatching plans to weaken others, will play a major role in this process. Once players have developed a powerful enough military, it will be time to expand their borders through military conquest. Ultimate victory will only be achieved once all 43 cities in China lie within a player’s control.

3D Space Mountain

Found @ Boing Boing, head over to Spacestation77 for a CG recreation of Disneyland's Space Mountain ride.

"Unfinished Tolkien due in April"

An unfinished book by JRR Tolkien will be published in April after being completed by the late author's son.

Christopher Tolkien has spent 30 years working on The Children of Hurin, which The Lord of the Rings author started in 1918 and later abandoned.

Extracts from the novel, which is set before the events of the Rings trilogy, have been published before.

It has been illustrated by Alan Lee, who won an Oscar for his artwork on The Return Of The King film in 2004.

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James Cameron on "Perfcap"

Actors need not feel threatened by this change in technology. It doesn't replace acting, in fact it's designed to empower the acting and directing process, as opposed to the traditional [computer-generated] animation process, which uses only the actor's voice, and in which a committee of animators perform the character, operate the camera, and do the lighting.

A committee of animators... Seems like he has no idea that most of Kong and Gollum and all of Davy Jones' facial performance was done by hand.


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