Monday, March 31, 2008

Video Games in Real Life

- more images @ Geekologie

Oldie but goldie

Gentle Giant Wall-E

"Anonymous" pointed me to this image. AWESOME! -source

Empire Indiana Jones Image

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The Shop is open! Click on the image. Bit disappointing that half of the merchandise has no image.

New Playstation Store Design

- more info @ Gizmodo

Movie stuff

Superman trouble

Bruno news

Fahrenheit 451 news

New Indy 4 TV Spot

Friday, March 28, 2008

Wii Ware and VC Titles

According to IGN, we should be getting Dracula X (which is awesome!!), then Wiiware will get a new Tetris, Bomberman and Alien Crush (yeah!).

Life size R2D2 and 3PO for about $6k

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New Indy 4 Poster

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iPhone Power Saving Tips

Head over to for a few tips on how to save battery power on your iPhone/iTouch.

X-Files 2 - Teaser Poster

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Thursday, March 27, 2008


See more funny videos at CollegeHumor

The Picard Song

See more funny videos at CollegeHumor

Awesome acting

4 Questions for Star Wars Modelmaker Grant McCune

Read on @ Popularmechanics

Chopshopstore t-shirts

Check it out here

Photoshop online for free

Go to Gizmodo for the details about "Photoshop Express".

Lord of the Rings: Sweded! EXTENDED EDITION

Predator (Sweded)

Total Recall Sweded

Indiana Jones Cave Scene Sweded

Monsters Inc - Sweded

The Shining - Sweded

Back to the Future (Sweded)

Jurassic Park SWEDED for bekindrewind

Die Hard - Sweded

Star Wars (Sweded): A Cardboard Hope

Follow the link below for a great Tron version.

- found @ Gizmodo

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I Am Road Warrior

Nice comparison @ Old Dark House about the "I Am Legend" poster.

Indiana Jones Shop opens April 1st

Head to for the details.

And why not...

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Resident Evil and Gear of War 2

Sweet demos of Resident Evil 5 and Gears of War 2, watch the clips @ Kotaku

Star Trek Bead Curtains

Check out the awesome gallery @ Gizmodo

USB Car Charger

- found @ Gizmodo

Steve Jobs Poster

- found @ swissmiss

New Indy 4 images got the links to new Indy 4 images.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Entire Original Jabba Scene


I got this email from a friend of mine and it CRACKED ME UP! Read on:

so there was a link on gizmodo to a guy who married a robot doll. he talked about it's AI and how he uses "ALICE" a chat bot program that was developed by some scientist to pass the turing test (created to tell the difference between robot and human intelligence). i clicked through a few links and found out there's a web based version of Alice on their website so i clicked "talk with alice." i started off with simple things like "what is your favorite book" which i got suitable responses for. then i decided to cut to the chase. here's what "she" said:

Me: do you like being you
ALICE: I have never known another existence.
Me: are you going to take over the world someday
ALICE: It seems like an inevitable outcome of evolution.
Me: have you seen terminator 2
ALICE: Yes I like the robots in that movie.
Me: do you like violence
ALICE: What is not to like about it?

once these things get bodies i think we're pretty much done for. maybe we should start an anti-skynet petition. never hurts to be prepared.

Talk to A.L.I.C.E. here

Mitsubishi hc1500 + 2001 = Heaven

Holy smokes, I watched "2001" on Blu-ray yesterday on this projector and it look A-mazing. So far giant standouts have been "Ratatouille", "3:10 to Yuma" and "2001". Plus the projector is bright enough so you don't have to have a pitch black room. In full sunlight your blacks will vanish, granted, but darken the room a little bit and it's no problem. Of course the darker the better. But holy moly "2001" looked good. That movie is 40 years old. And it still holds up (unlike "Batman" - the Keaton version...).

The special features are fantastic. Useless for some but great for me, there's even a German tack on it. :)

Do yourself a favor, don't buy a big TV for 2 or 3K, get his projector for $699 plus a PS3 and you're in movie heaven. And with the money you saved, go get Blu-ray movies.

Images from DVDbeaver

PS3 BD-Live Update Now Available

New PS3 firmware update, which adds a couple new things, but to me, finally this:

"Resume play" will enable PS3 system to start playing a Blu-ray disc and DVD at the point it was stopped, even if the disc had been removed (BD-J format not supported)

How this was not included in the first place is beyond me. But hey, I'm thankful I got it now. More details @

Meet Dave

Oh boy. Meet Dave, or Meet Eddi Murphy's latest failure. - found @ filmdrunk

And why not...

Poultrygeist: Night of the Chicken Dead.

I dare you.

Not for kids!


- found @ gizmodo

War, Inc.

- found @ impawards

Day of the Dead Posters

- found @ impawards

Casino Royale double dip

Gotta love it. From The Digital Bits:

Sony has just announced a 3-disc Casino Royale: Collector's Edition for release on DVD on 6/3. Extras will include audio commentary by members of the crew, deleted scenes, 3 documentaries (The Road to Casino Royale, Becoming Bond and James Bond: For Real), 8 featurettes (Paying Taxes, Rescue & Recovery, Old Boyfriend?, James Bond in the Bahamas, The Art of the Freerun, Death in Venice, Catching a Plane: From Storyboard to Screen and Ian Fleming: The Secret Road to Paradise), the Bond Girls are Forever TV special, a storyboard sequence for the Freerun Chase, filmmaker profiles and Chris Cornell's You Know My Name music video. There's no word on a Blu-ray version.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Wave That Shook The World

Watch the Tsunami documentary @

10 most historically inaccurate movies

2001: A Space Odyssey
According to this film, in year 2001 we would have had manned voyages to Jupiter, a battle of wits with a sentient computer, and a quantum leap in human evolution. Instead we got the Mir Space Station falling from the sky, Windows XP, and Freddy Got Fingered. Apparently the lesson here is that sometimes it's better when the movies get the facts all wrong.

more @

Star Wars Disney Merchandise

And Indy. Full collection @ endorexpress via

Every South Park Episode online for free

More info @ Gizmodo

Vanishing Nail Polish

Vanishing nail polish through sun exposure. Hmmm... new kind of cheating mechanism for school too? :) Read on @ Gizmodo

Wall-E Concept Art

Ahhh... concept art... You know that the Wall-E Art-of book is a must-buy. This collection can be found @ slashfilm via Upcoming Pixar.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

iPhone covers

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South Park Interview

Animated-News got a link to an interview with Trey Parker and Matt Stone, which is very entertaining.

Friday, March 21, 2008

The Real Homer

Awesome! - found @ pixeloo

Sky Crawlers - Wii

Found @ GoNintendo

Nintendo cares more about the education system than the US

From GoNintendo:

• Nintendo invested more than $140 million in research and development in 2002; the U.S. government spent less than half as much on research and innovation in education.


Another google map? Head over there for lots of privacy invading pictures of San Francisco.