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GameTrailers awards - Best DS Game

NES Left 4 Dead Gameplay Video 1

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Let's Enhance

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Nerdoh Shirts

The Known Universe by AMNH

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Star Wars LEGO Snow setup

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Napping Link

Adidas Star Wars Shoes

Back to the Future Part III - Verne points at his crank

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Dew Motion iPhone Sling

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review - Aaxa Technologies P2 pico projector

House M.D.

Make it snow

The Music of Star Trek: The Motion Picture

Share Your Photos with Shutterfly Wink

'Zombies Are Nuts About Brains'

The Best 5.1 Speaker Systems You Can Buy for $800 or Less

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Tron Legacy Poster

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Half-Life/Contra & Castlevania

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Happy in Paraguay

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A Key British Official Reminds Us of the Forgotten Anthrax Attack

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Craziest beard i've ever seen!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Freedom of Information Act Files Prove FDR Had Foreknowledge of Pearl Harbor

An Interview with Robert B. Stinnett by Douglas Cirignano

What kind of attention did your book get from the mainstream media? Did it get as much attention as you thought it would?

Stinnett: Most of the mainstream print media has given Day Of Deceit very fine reviews. That includes The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, San Francisco Chronicle, et al. Mainstream TV has not been forthcoming. The exceptions have been C-Span, PAX TV, and local television stations. Neither ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, or Fox News have carried a word. C-SPAN carried ninety minutes of me discussing the book with a crowd of one hundred-fifty people. That was arranged by—The Independent Institute, a major, progressive think tank in Oakland, California.

Why do you think the information in your book is important?

Stinnett: It’s important because it reveals the lengths that some people in the American government will go to deceive the American public, and to keep this vital information—in our land of the First Amendment—from the people. And that’s against everything I believe in.

Fring - iPhone video calls

Dr Rauni Kilde - Swine Flu myth